Tweedy at Crystal Ballroom – 2015-03-14


Fake Fur Coat
Diamond Light, Pt. 1
World Away
Wait For Love
Summer Noon
New Moon
Nobody Dies Anymore
High As Hello
Love Like A Wire
Low Key
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart*
Remember The Mountain Bed*
One Wing*
Via Chicago*
I’m A Wheel*
Jesus, etc.*
Heavy Metal Drummer**
Please Don’t Let Me Be So Understood
Only The Lord Knows

The Losing End (When You’re On)
Give Back The Key To My Heart
California Stars
* Solo acoustic
** Jeff and Spencer only

Jeff Tweedy
Spencer Tweedy
Darin Gray
Jim Elkington
Liam Cunningham
Sima Cunningham

Recording Info: Busman Audio Large Diaphragm Cardiod (Little B) > Busman Mod Tascam DR-680 24/48. FOB on the barricade separating all ages and 21+, 6’ high. DIN.

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