Yonder Mountain String Band at McDonald Theatre – 2014-04-09

Sorry for the crappy iphone pic.

Sorry for the crappy iphone pic.

Set 1:
Part 1
Ramblin’ Boy
Jail Song
Deep Pockets
High Cross Junction*
Pretty Daughter*
Father’s Arms
Picture In A Tear
Peace Of Mind**
Cuckoo’s Nest**
Peace Of Mind**

Set 2:
Spanish Harlem
Fine Excuses
Little Lover
Sometimes I’ve Won
All The Time
Ain’t Been Myself In Years
Don’t You Lean On Me
They Love Each Other
Traffic Jam**
Rag Doll**
Traffic Jam**

Hit Parade**

* with Philip Brezina from Brothers Comatose
** with Allie Kral

Yonder Mountain String Band:
Adam Aijala
Jeff Austin
Dave Johnston
Ben Kaufmann

Recording Info: Busman Audio LD Cardiod > Lunatec V2 > Tascam DR-680 (Busman Mod) 24/48
Front row center balcony. DIN.